We make scalable software

About Scalesoft s.r.o.

Scalesoft is a software specialist company. Our mission is to make highly scalable software solutions and to help our customers with transitions to clouds or scalable infrastructure.

We implement our software to be on-demand or on-premises deployale.

What we do


Highly scalable cloud storage with advanced features provided with on-demand licensing.

Consultations and custom software

We provide consultations about
  • Moving existing systems to a cloud environment
  • Making your software scalable
  • Making systems more responsive and UI friendly
Or we can make you a customized solution by your demands - feel free to contact us.

E-Health integration software

We specialize in software integration and custom software implementation for e-health industry
  • Portal solutions for e-health data
  • Integration of patient data
  • Data in e-health standard format parsing and processing
  • Identity federation and integration

Contact us

Feel free to contact us at mail address:

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